Welcome to Freistadt Market Farm!

Welcome to Freistadt Market Farm. We are family farm located outside of Chatham, Ontario. We grow natural, organic fruits and vegetables on our property as well as raising animals that produce for us. We serve the residents of Chatham-Kent who are looking to eat natural and improve the quality of their lifestyle!

  • We grow a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables that we never spray with chemicals or pesticides on our Chatham property. All plants are tended to everyday and given attention they need to help them grow.
  • All of our animals are free range and fed the best quality food. Right now we have a wide array of backyard chickens that are beginning to lay eggs. They walk free around the property, foraging the way they are supposed to. In Spring 2015 we will be raising pigs on the property as well.
  • We moved out to Chatham, Ontario in July of 2012, and the five of us have been taking advantage of the property ever since. We've got so many ideas for what we can do with farm in the future and how we can get to know our community so much better!

Recent Events

  • April 15th, 2015- Today we acquired two new additions to our family. Meet Babe & Wilbur! Read more here

  • January 21st, 2015- After waiting 3 weeks, watching our incubator, we have hatched out 7 little feathered chickens! They are enjoying the heat lamps we have set up for them and are resting comfortably.
  • January 5th, 2015- We candled our eggs to see if they are growing, and sure enough, we can see the embryos. Candling is simply shining a light through an egg to see inside it.




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